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Business travel has often been the cause of headaches for both travelers and accountants, with complicated booking procedures and lost receipts. Those days are over!

Travel easy

Delegate travel budget with Issuefab’s virtual credit cards and have the traveler handle all aspects of the business trip, from booking plane tickets to paying for hotel and dinner.

The budget can easily be limited to your desired merchant categories, such as airlines, cab companies, hotels and restaurants, or even to a list of approved service suppliers.

After completing a purchase the traveler sends their receipt to a unique email address and the rest is handled automatically. All purchases are neatly compiled in a single invoice on a regular basis.

Why Issuefab

Traveling for work should not be something your staff dreads because of overwhelming paperwork and complicated purchasing procedures. With Issuefab virtual cards you all but eliminate the administrative aspect of business travel. Let the traveler book their own tickets and accommodations within the budget delegated to them, and you can top up their budget at a moment’s notice if need be.

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