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Delegate the purchasing decision within your organization and maintain a complete overview over your funds. Always stay in control and within budget.


Issuefabs unique product allows you to delegate the actual purchasing to the users of the product without risk of frivolous spending.

This is done by putting limits on how the delegated money can be spent. The one delegating the money can set those limits. The limits can be as broad as to allow anything from one or two industry and as narrow as to only allow a single purchase at a specific company. Additionally everyone in the organization who has received a delegation can in turn delegate it further if they have no need for it or if someone else can utilize the funds better.



This means that each employee can use the funds that have been delegated to them when they need it. They don’t need to wait for approval because they have already received it. This makes your business faster at reacting to new opportunities. All of this with control. Issuefabs application has an easy interface where its always possible to see where money is being spent and how it is delegated within the organization.

Why Issuefab

Issuefab virtual cards ensures that your organization stays on budget and protects from fraudulent behavior.

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