Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

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Virtual card allows you to delegate money within your budget to categories. Without compromise!

The money on that card is set to the amount you specify and can only be spent on services within that category.
That means you can safely delegate money to your teams without worrying about them overspending.

locked card

cool illustration: locked credit card

What happens in case of a service is fraudulent or have a data leak?

When something happens to a service we simply cancel the card that is connected to that service. Because each virtual card is only connected to one service all of your other services stay online. All of your other virtual cards stay safe and the compromised card is destroyed. Your money and other services are safe.

destroyed card

cool illustration: destroyed credit card

peace of mind

We also monitor the virtual cards so that only the agreed upon charges happen to them. We stop the payment if a service is billing you for something that is not in your contract with that service.

Why Issuefab

With Issuefab virtual cards the risk of fraud seriously impacting your company is reduced. Rest easy knowing that a compromised card is ever only going to impact one of your subscription services.

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