Software Companies

Software Companies

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Keeping your staff equipped for every task and assignment can be a daunting responsibility. By delegating budget to your teams and individual employees, you no longer need to keep track of every single piece of equipment, odd software license or other purchases.

Budget for teams and individuals

Let your team members get what they need, without chasing down the designated company card holder, or asking for permission for every single purchase. With Issuefab virtual cards you can delegate one time and recurring budget posts to teams and individuals. The budget can be limited to specific vendors or merchant categories of your choice, such as electronics, software or literature.

Why Issuefab

Your team (people) knows what they need in order to perform at their peak. Issuefab gives you the opportunity to let them purchase what’s needed within the budget delegated to them. Decentralize purchasing and centralize billing, with just a few clicks.

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