Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing in todays ever changing markets is a challenge that both require the correct tools as well the agility to seize new marketing opportunities. Issuefab allows individuals to purchase the tools they need to perform optimally as well as launch marketing campaigns at a moments notice with pre-approved funds. Gone are the days of finding the company credit card before doing anything.
Allow your marketing team to seize every opportunity!


Marketing is a complex task that requires specialized tools to succed. Design, Analytics, ad vendors, etc.


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Make potential customers talk about you by seizing every opportunity for exposure.

Why Issuefab

Issuefab virtual cards makes it possible to delegate the funds needed to run marketing campaigns. The teams knows from the beginning how much funding they have available and are free to spend it when they need to without having to find the company credit card every time its time to pay for ads.

Pre-approve a teams budget to make them respond better to an ever changing market.

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