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Save time managing every purchase in your organization. Delegate decisions to those who will actually use the tool.

Issuefab enables management to control the budget without taking part in every purchase decision. Saving time and empowering the employees in the process. Issuefab makes it possible to set limits for individual services and delegate money to employees.



Issuefabs intuitive web application grants each department detailed insight into where your employees are spending money.

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Virtual Cards

The control is made possible with virtual cards. A purchase can only be done if it meets the requirements set when the money was delegated. Additionally a virtual card is generated with each purchase and is connected to only that purchase. Management can cancel that one purchase without affecting any other purchase if it is decided that the one purchase is not necessary.
With virtual cards you can feel safe knowing that the money is only being spent on its intended purpose.

Why Issuefab

Management saves time by not having to micromanage spending in the company while at the same time gaining greater control of spending.

Decentralized spending with centralized control.

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